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   HotSpot Thermocouple CD Welders Series


Save Time, Save Money, Improve Results with DCC Corporation's  

   Portable Multiuse HotSpot Welding Units.  

HotSpot CD WelderHotSpot II CD WelderHotSpot PLUS CD Welder

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These Welding Systems Can Fabricate and Attach Thermocouple Sensors,   

Mount Weldable Strain Gauges, Weld Studs, Wire Rods and Pins,

and Perform Other Welding Operations in Design and Test Applications.  


The HotSpot welders are portable capacitive discharge welding units that allow thermocouple wires to be formed into freestanding beads or directly welded to metal surfaces for temperature sensing. Direct bonding avoids the need for clamps, brackets, straps, and welded wells, and provides a quick, simple, accurate, low cost means of forming thermocouple junctions on a "when needed", "where needed" basis. The HotSpots are equally effective in forming freestanding bead or surface welded thermocouple junctions. The higher energy HotSpot PLUS expandes this welding capability into handheld spot welding, stud welding and pin fastening areas. It takes only seconds to form standard thermocouple wire into a variety of attached or unattached sensors or perform various other fixturing tasks.

  The HotSpot Solution


Thermocouples are formed directly from standard wire types as either freestanding or surface mounted junctions. Portability allows TC junctions and other weld operations to be done at the location required.


Installation does not require skilled operators or prepared surfaces. Thermocouple bead fabrication possible remote from welder.


Pre-planning for the thermocouple fabrication or attachment becomes minimum, since welds can be quickly made whenever and wherever they are needed. Takes only seconds to go from standard TC wire to welded thermocouples.


Installation and material costs are low, allowing redundant junctions to be provided without incurring significant additional costs.


Welded junction provides an accurate thermocouple having a high-speed response characteristic. Beads can be made to desired size. Welded attachment elements can be placed where the user intends.


Front panel power control provides adjustment for handling various thermocouple wire sizes and fixturing materials, simplifying operator training and use.


Visual indicator alerts operator when unit has recycled following a weld, and a new cycle can be initiated.The hand accesssories availabe with the HotSpot PLUS put welding control at the immediate welding site.

The HotSpot Units Are Suitable For:

  • Field use, where their small size and ease of handling provides the flexibility needed for such environments.

  • Shop use, where the size or shape of a piece to be treated dictates that the temperature sensors be directly installed on the work. To make sensors for heater and oven control. For attachment of simple fixturing hardware. Considerable time and energy savings can be made when the temperature is accurately known.

  • Lab and pilot run use, where the ability to immediately install thermocouple junctions anywhere, makes quick changes and additions to experimental or test set-ups easy. Freestanding junctions on wires of any length for general temperature tests, are easily produced.

Give up waiting for prefabricated thermocouple junctions, custom fixturing accessories or attachments, and weld your own sensors with the one of the HotSpots

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