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The HotSpot PLUS is the newest member of DCC's HotSpot Capacitive Discharge welder family. It broadens the power range of the HotSpot series and offers several fixturing and welding attachments to facilitate simple spot welding, stud welding, and pin welding modes. In addition, the HotSpot PLUS provides standard thermocouple welding functions. The HotSpot PLUS is designed to handle the attachment of heavy wires, light gauge studs and weldable pins to metal surfaces. It can also close larger tubes than the HotSpot II unit and aid in wire harness strapping and insulation blanket installation. Its controllable weld energy capability matches the needs of strain gauge attachment applications.

QUICK ACTION The HotSpot PLUS is light and portable so you can move it right to where you need to make welds, fixture hardware, and attach thermocouples. The actual welding time is a fraction of a second and the short recycle interval, even at full power, will allow you to make 6 or more welds a minute, even quicker for ordinary gauge thermocouples. 

EASY-TO-USE Anyone can quickly become proficient in the use of the HotSpot PLUS. While sophisticated internally, the HotSpot PLUS provides the operator with a firing button and simple on/off and energy level adjustment. The dual capability of pin and thermocouple welding makes the HotSpot PLUS particularly attractive for applications currently employing stud welders and thermocouple attachment units.

FLEXIBLE The HotSpot PLUS welder is a dual range high-energy unit that has the versatility to provide fine control as well as the high power capability needed for heavier welds. Front panel indicators and controls allow the operator to easily monitor the status, set the energy level, and initiate a weld cycle. A remote firing switch is also provided on the attachment handle.

The HotSpot PLUS operates only from AC power. A battery-powered version of the unit is not offered but it can be driven by a low power battery to AC converter. It weighs only 18 lbs. and it's compact design makes it a very portable package. 

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