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Thermocouple Welder

HotSpot PLUS
Capacitive Discharge Stud & Thermocouple Welder

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     HotSpot PLUS CD Welder Attachments 

  Insul Pin Welding Attachment (for #10 and #12 pins)     

        HotSpot PLUS Pin Welding Attachment  Tool          

                           (for #10 or #12 Insul Pins) 

 Stud Welding Attachment for HotSpot PLUS     

           HotSpot PLUS Stud Welding Attachment  Tool   


Insul Pin Welding Attachment (for #10 or #12 pins)

            Welding Holding Pins for Insulation Attachment

Spot Welder Attachment for HotSpot PLUS CD Welder

       HotSpot PLUS Spot Welding Attachment  Tool   


 Foot Switch for Hot Spot PLUS CD Welder

                            HotSpot PLUS Foot Switch  

                  Spot Welding Attachment

                                Spot Welding Sensors, Holding Strips                                                         and Thin Plates to Structures 


 Stud Welding Attachment  Thermocouple welding with pliers

         Stud Welding for Fixturing Attachments and Wire Clamps                         Direct Thermocouple Attachment to Test Items

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