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Thunder Gull JT2, Two Seat Tandem

Thunder Gull JT2, Two Seat Tandem

The short high lift cantilevered aluminum wing, the flying tail, the simple fiberglass landing gear suspension and other design features make the Thunder Gull a clean, durable, and easily transportable aircraft. A 4130 steel rollcage, balanced control surfaces, full enclosure, lumbar supporting pilot seat and seatbelt and shoulder harness enhance the Thunder Gull pilot's safety.
Main wheel independent brakes and steerable nose wheel offer excellent ground control. Aluminum skins, fiberglass panels, and Stits process covering create a durable machine requiring little maintenance.

Specifications of Thunder Gull JT2

Top Speed, mph (UL 103) 87
Cruise Speed, mph 87
Stall Speed, mph 37
Range, mi 275
Rate of Climb, fpm 800
Takeoff Distance, ft 200
Landing Distance, ft 175
Service Ceiling, ft  14,500
Lift/Drag Ratio 12
Engine Used, Rotax 503
HP/HP Range 52/52-80
Fuel Capacity, std gal 10
Fuel Consumption, gph 3.5
Empty Weight, lb 398
Gross Weight,lb 850
Height 5' 3"
Length 17' 7"
Wing Span, ft 24
Wing Area, sq ft 114
Building Time, man hrs 300

Standard Features Include: 
  • 4130 Chrommoly Steel Jig-welded Rollcage 
  • Main Wheel Independent Brakes 
  • Full Cabin Windshield 
  • Counter-balanced Ailerons & Stabilator 
  • Seatbelt with Shoulder Harness 
  • Quick Trailering Cantilevered Wing 
  • Fiberglass Drooped Wingtips 
  • Fiberglass Landing Gear 
  • Fiberglass Lumbar Supporting Seat 
  • Aluminum 'D' Skin 
  • Cockpit Adjustable Trim System 
  • Flaps 
  • VNE 120mph 
  • +6, -4 G-Yield

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