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DCC Corporation manufactures and distributes Ultralight and Experimental aircraft, specializing in designs by Earthstar.

Earthstar Aircraft's Thunder Gull line

Earthstar Aircraft
The beginner flyer will find Earthstar Aircraft's Thunder Gull line stable and easy to fly. Thunder Gulls are designed to maintain the responsive and nimble control necessary for the demanding pilot. The Thunder Gull is a fun cross-country machine, flown coast to coast many times. Options include engine, instruments, propeller, parachute and others upon request. Available as a kit or ready to fly.

The Thunder Gull:
Aviation has always had better planes year by year, and the Thunder Gull is no exception. Earthstar Aircraft, Inc. designer/owner Mark H. Beierle has been a technological leader in the ultralight industry for years and has developed an airfoil and wing construction which allows a small wing to provide high lift and low drag - along with specially designed wingtips which allow a short wing to perform as if it were longer. The Thunder Gull has the added advantages of a cantilevered wing, made to withstand the weather.

All the Gulls have safety features that include brakes, shoulder harness seat belts, a welded steel roll cage, lumbar supporting seat, high visibility, quick and responsive ground handling capabilities and stability in windy conditions.

Fantastic handling characteristics are a major factor in why the Thunder Gull is considered to be top of the line. The Thunder Gull is very nimble, both in flight and on the ground, yet it is very stable. The Thunder Gull can handle significant turbulence by itself.

Because its design has been steadily refined over a period of 20 years, the Thunder Gull is one of the most efficient ultralight aircraft ever built. The clean low drag high lift wing does not require as big a wing as normal, so the Thunder Gull is built lighter and handles better and easier in windy conditions.

If you are looking for comfort, excellent visibility, fantastic handling, strength, efficiency and a company that cares about your safety and enjoyment, then look no further. The Thunder Gull has all these things and more!

Features on all Thunder Gulls Kits:

  • Pre-bonded main spar and D cell
  • Pre-formed aluminum parts 
  • Fabric seat cover
  • Seat belt with shoulder harness
  • Rugged fiberglass landing gear
  • Pre-molded fiberglass parts
  • Independent main wheel brakes
  • In-flight adjustable pitch trim
  • Rudder pre-assembled
  • Vertical stabilizer pre-made
  • Jig-welded chromoly steel rollcage
  • Full cabin windshield
  • Counter-balanced Ailerons & Stabilator
  • Quick Trailering Cantilevered Wing

Options include engine, instruments, propeller, parachute, and others upon request.

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